Water Damage Restoration in Baltimore

You don’t have to live next to a creek or have a plumbing leak in order to end up with water damage in your home. Something as simple as letting your bathtub overfill, putting too much detergent in the washer or forgetting to empty a dehumidifier can cause water to overflow and damage parts of your property.

No matter what’s the cause, if flooding happens, call Pennyrich Clean right away. Time is everything when it comes to salvaging your water-damaged belongings. While you are waiting on our cleanup crew to arrive, here is what you can do:

  • Shut off power to the affected areas
  • Look for the cause and see if you can stop more water from coming in by shutting off the water supply.
  • If you have a wet-vac or a water pump, turn it on to start pumping out excess water.

Our Baltimore water damage restoration team will arrive as soon as possible and will help you address the damage. With the help of our powerful equipment, we can assist you by performing water extraction, sanitation, drying and cleaning. Depending on the extent of the damage and type of flooding, not all items might be salvageable, but we’ll do our best to save the ones that are.

A pro tip: if your carpet is affected by the flood, avoid walking on it more than necessary. Wet carpet is more delicate and can easily absorb dyes from your shoes or other wet items that come in contact with it.

Contact us for emergency water damage restoration in Baltimore, MD, Harford County, Howard County, Carroll County, Montgomery County, and the surrounding areas.

scale of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river home disasters

What Our Clients Say...

"My family and I are so glad that we called Pennyrich to clean the floors in our home! With two kids and a dog, it can be tough to keep up with keeping the house clean. After Pennyrich finish, our floors looked like new and were ready for our family Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you Abraham and your team! We will definitely have you out again!