How to Clean Your Hardwood Floors

January 20, 2015

hardwood floor bedroom

Hardwood floors are a beautiful feature in any home, but only if you maintain them in a good condition. Otherwise, they can be a huge eyesore, making the rest of your home look dingy. Out of all the natural floor coverings like cotton carpets or natural stone tile, hardwood is probably one of the most “sensitive.” It’s sensitive to moisture, temperature, abrasion, direct sunlight and a dozen other things. Keeping it clean and beautiful can be a chore, but our Maryland hardwood cleaning pros are here to give you a few tips.

Dust Frequently

Sand and dust can damage the shiny surface of your hardwood, making it look dull. Of course, it doesn’t happen immediately, but over the years you would notice that the shine is gone—maybe in some areas more than others. The sand and dirt you bring from the outdoors acts as sandpaper when trapped between your shoes and the hardwood floor.

To keep the dust and dirt at bay, dust your hardwood on a weekly basis or more often if needed. One approach is to use a microfiber mop that can be sprayed with a floor-cleaning solution. Another approach is to vacuum your hardwood—this will also pick up any dirt trapped between the floor boards. Check if your vacuum has a special attachment for hardwood or if the basic configuration is suitable for hard floors. Most modern vacuums are able to automatically adjust their settings depending on the surface.

Deep-Clean Occasionally

Dust-mopping and vacuuming removes only dirt, hair and larger surface debris. If you swipe a damp white paper towel over a freshly-vacuumed floor, you will see dark spots where your fingers pressed against the floor. That’s grime that accumulates over time and can’t be picked up by your vacuum cleaner. If your white socks turn gray after a few runs through the living room, it’s probably time to deep-clean your hardwood. This is when you need a mop or a professional Maryland hardwood cleaning service.

If you choose to mop, be careful not to get too much water on the floor, especially between the boards. Hardwood is prone to rotting, which is a direct result of standing water. If you hire a professional, we will use our equipment to get the dirt out without damaging your floors. We will also apply a sealant after cleaning to protect the delicate surface.

Protect Your Hardwood

In addition to cleaning, there are some steps you could take to prevent your hardwood from getting dirty and suffer damage in the first place. Consider making these adjustments if you don’t already have them in place:

  • trim your pets’ nails regularly
  • avoid wearing pointy heels on hardwood
  • lift the furniture if you need to move it
  • put mats to catch dirt at each entrance point
  • draw curtains on sunny-side windows to prevent discoloration

Know Your Hardwood

Between different kinds of wood, construction methods and finishes, there are hundreds of hardwood flooring types. Do you know what kind of flooring you have? Is it engineered hardwood? How soft/hard is it on the Janka scale? Is it finished with oils, wax or urethane? Knowing all these little details can help you make smarter decisions when it comes to hardwood cleaning and care. And if you have no idea what kind of hardwood you have, contact our Baltimore hardwood cleaning experts and we’ll tell you all about it, as well as propose an appropriate cleaning method.

What Our Clients Say...

"My family and I are so glad that we called Pennyrich to clean the floors in our home! With two kids and a dog, it can be tough to keep up with keeping the house clean. After Pennyrich finish, our floors looked like new and were ready for our family Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you Abraham and your team! We will definitely have you out again!