How Does Power Washing Work?

March 31, 2017

TIf you’ve ever tried to clean off old siding or spray your driveway clean with a garden hose, you’ve probably been left wondering if there is a better way. Power washing is the best and most common way to clean these areas and most of your home. But exactly how does power washing work? We’ll explain that and more for you here.

What is Power Washing?

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is the cleaning of surfaces with the use of water. It uses specialized power washing equipment which includes a nozzle that helps to pressurize and direct the water. In addition to the nozzle is the power washing unit itself, which helps to create the pressurized water used in cleaning your home.

How Does Power Washing Work?

The first step to successful power washing is applying a detergent and giving it time to work. Then, you must select the correct nozzle for your power washer to achieve best results depending on the surface you are working on. Once you’re ready, you will turn on the power washing unit and carefully work at spraying off the detergent from the surface to return it to it’s former beauty.

When the pressurized water comes in contact with any caked on dirt or grease, it hits it with such a high velocity that it literally blasts the grime away. This is most effective when the proper cleaning detergent has already broken down some of the caked on grime already. If you stick your thumb over the end of a garden hose, that will most likely wash away some of the dirt on your patio—now imagine that pressure multiplied by 30 times over!

What Can be Power Washed?

It’s important that you only use power washing on surfaces which are receptive to this type of pressurized cleaning. As a Maryland power washing company, the most common areas we work on are a home’s siding, concrete driveways, patios, paved areas, decks, or outdoor furniture. It’s important you use the correct power washing nozzle on these different surfaces, otherwise you could run the risk of creating splintering on your deck, for example.

Why Hire a Professional Power Washing Company?

We know it’s fairly easy to rent or buy a power washing unit for your own use at home, but you really should leave this activity to the professionals. Power washing is a dangerous cleaning task and can cause serious injuries if it comes in contact with any other human or animal body parts. For this reason, you should strongly consider hiring a local Baltimore power washing company for this task.

Pennyrich Clean, LLC is a Baltimore area residential and commercial cleaning service that has the skill and experience to get the job done professionally and at an affordable price. No matter what kind of outdoor cleaning project you have in mind, our Baltimore power washing crew will get it done fast and with the expected results. For more information, give Pennyrich a call today at 410-870-6607.

What Our Clients Say...

"My family and I are so glad that we called Pennyrich to clean the floors in our home! With two kids and a dog, it can be tough to keep up with keeping the house clean. After Pennyrich finish, our floors looked like new and were ready for our family Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you Abraham and your team! We will definitely have you out again!