4 Tips for Protecting Your Upholstered Furniture

November 22, 2014


“That’s why we can’t have nice things,” – is this phrase frequently uttered in your house? Keeping things “like new” is indeed a tough task, especially when it comes to furniture. On one hand, we want the furniture to stay presentable for the times when we have guests. On the other hand, not using the couch just because you could leave a smudge defeats the purpose of buying a new couch in the first place. So, how do you go about preserving your upholstery in a good condition? To answer this question, let’s first single out the top offenders.

How Your Furniture Gets Ruined:

  • Pet stains, dander, fur, saliva and oils
  • Food and drink stains
  • Glue, paint, crayon and other stains
  • Snags and tears
  • Soil and dirt

The top offenders are typically those with the least regard for the looks of the furniture—children and pets that is. Adults also contribute to shortening of the furniture’s lifespan, so we all have a few habits we could work on.

Keeping Upholstery in a Good Shape

Train Your Dog to Stay off the Sofa

Easier said than done, right? Like humans, dogs are creatures of habit and breaking those habits could be hard. However, if your pup is still young, there might still be time to train them to stay off the couch. It will take some trial and error, but at the end you could be blessed with a fur-free couch! This also means less vacuuming and less wear on the upholstery.

Invest in Furniture Covers

While plastic covers might be a bit extreme, fabric covers may offer enough protection for your needs. Sleep covers come in many colors and styles these days and can even be used as a part of your décor. They will help with the pet hair problem and even some light spills. The covers themselves, however, will have to be washed and maintained frequently to preserve their appearance.

Use Discipline

Training, discipline and fear of consequences can go a long way. When your pets and children understand that furniture is not to be jumped or climbed on, you have to worry less about the possibility of stains. Of course, if you insist that food should be consumed at the dinner table and crafts should be done at the craft table, make sure there is adequate seating and supplies for the kids to do this. This also means that you should be ready to close doors for some of your children’s friends or acquaintances who don’t respect your house rules.

Buy Furniture That Lasts

Poorly built furniture with cheap upholstering won’t last no matter how well you protect it. Look for furniture with good reviews and ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. They might own a magical couch immune to kids and pets. Dark-colored furniture will help hide the soil and imperfections better than white or tan sofas and chairs.

Get Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Even if your kids and pets are well-behaved, accidents do happen. A glass of wine gets misplaced, a dog panics during a thunder storm—you name it. And the regular use of furniture, especially the light-colored pieces, inevitably darkens it over the years. In this case, you can always rely on professional Baltimore upholstery cleaners to get your furniture looking sharp again.

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